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Big Bang to Kohoutec

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Summer Camp Application 2021

We develop a curiosity and interest in mathematics so students, parents and teachers can improve their math and science education. Activities focus on various topics in mathematics and their application to physical phenomenon.

This website and our Exploration Center:

Encourage each person to reach his/her potential
Provide guidance for children participating in science fairs
Help teachers to explain math concepts
Provides travel exhibits for schools

We are located at 1054 Freedom Plains Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.    Go to Google ® maps and type in 'Math and Physics Exploration'  for address information and directions.

Number Structure Videos

To learn more about number structure in great depth click the following link: http://www.itmeansmath.com\ayi.html This set of youtube videos will allow everyone to learn math and overcome any math phobia they may have. You will learn more about number structure then you can imagine.

Response to Emergency

Humans have an innate curiosity about the universe we live in. Math and physics are tools that help us explain our world to satisfy this curiosity (and to live better, more comfortable lives).

From learning about the origin of the universe through the Big Bang theory to discovering long period comets such as Kohoutek to the computers that are delivering this web page to you, math and physics help us explore o

Computation Instruction

Zero Integer before 1

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