Home Instruction

  In response to the Coronavirus Panendemic of 2020, we are providing instruction for
  students at home. The primary focus is on learning addition and multiplication facts

  New Curriculum for Math Education shorter version
  New Curriculum for Math Education

Addition:                                                                                     Multiplication:
  Heart of Addition (youtube video)                                             Heart of Multiplication (youtube video)
  Chelsea and Eliza enjoy learning Addition (PDF)                      Jillian  and the Stopwatch (PDF)

Enriched Math:
  Magic Squares
  Learning about Negative Numbers
  Enriched Math 5th & 6th Grades                    Very Long Multiplication                                Enriched Math (PDF)
                                                                                                                                There's Something About Math (PDF)
  Challenging and Understanding Math (c)2023                      Base 3 puzzle                        Reciprocal power series (c)2024

Geometry Lessons(PDF)

Learning to Program Math Functions
  Basic Python Programming
  Square Roots
  Exponential(Raising number to a power) part 2
  Logarithms part 3a
  Exponents and Logarithms (Power Series)part 3b                        Fractions
  Sine, Cosine, & Arcsin part 4                      Negative Numbers

  If you read the pdfs on line you may use them at no charge but we would accept a donation
  under no obligation.
  However, if you print the pdfs, there is a charge of $25 each under an honor system.

  Mail checks to:

  Math & Physics Exploration
  1054 Freedom Plains Road
  Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

  Phone: 845-452-4862