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The Math Assistance by Parents (MAPs) program was initiated in 2008 by Dr.Miller, Math Magician, to allow parents to help the children of other parents during school hours.

This was a double win in that while these parents were learning to teach math to children other than their own, they could also apply these techniques to their own children. In 2008,  the parents were:

Mrs. Wunder,
Mrs. Beyer,
Mrs. Iruvanti, and
Mrs. Gustafson.
In 2009, the parents were:

Mrs. Wunder,
Mrs. Brandt,
Mrs. Anderson, and
These moms have lifted the morale and confidence of about a dozen children. Children who would have, under different circumstances been indifferent to math and lacked confidence and self esteem, are now active participants.The program has been most effective for new students enteringthe school at midterm who have not learned the techniques taught in Mr. Morano's and Mr. DeMartino's classes.

One measure of how effective the program was last year is the success of these students in the third grade this year. Mr. Kurdi, Mrs. Gliedman, and Mrs. Sullivan noticed in September that all their children had retained their addition facts. To date, a third of the children have passed the minute math test, with an expectation that in January, 50% of the children will have passed them. There are even expectations that the percentage will reach 100% by the end of the year. Several of the third graders have also passed the minute math for multiplication.

This is a group of students for whom we can all feel proud. A very great recognition is due for these parents who were willing to spend the time to learn and generously contribute to their friends and neighbors. With more parents involved, we could expect the children to achieve the intellectual capacity that every parent dreams for their child.

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